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COVID-19: The Recent Terror


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), newly infectious disease has taken a toll over humanity and left the world stand still. According to the World Helath Organization (WHO), this Coronavirus spreads through droplets (discharge from nose and saliva) of an infected person when they commonly cough or sneeze. It may spread from an infected surficial interaction. It is not confirmed yet if it is airborne or not, but WHO has informed mostly it is not airborne. Coronavirus is potential to survive on surfaces for at least 72 hours. For example, in cardboard, it can survive for 24 hours and in plastic or steel or any kind of metal it can survive for 72 hours.  

Unfortunately, in the current scenario, there are no specific vaccination or medical assistance is available, and this virus has already spread over 203 countries confirming  638146 cases of infections. There are more than 113000 cases of recovery; however, death tolls are also increasing leaps and bounds. Hence, to restrict this virus-outbreak, WHO has published a few basic guidelines, which are the following:


Following Respiratory Etiquette: this means while coughing or sneezing, reflex your elbows and do it into it. Use tissue or paper while coughing or sneezing and dump them into covered bins. 


Frequent Hand washing: frequent hand washing using alcohol-based sanitizers is mandatory. In case one can not find this, any hand washers or soaps will do the purpose. It is important to rub your hand for 30 seconds, into the palm, corners of each finger and above because this might kill the virus that may stay on our hands. To spread awareness of this piece of information worldwide, WHO has initiated #SafeHands Challenge on social media. 


Avoiding Touching face: Touching contaminated surfaces might collect CoronaVirus in hand. If we touch our face, nose, mouth or eyes, that virus might enter our body. Hence, we need to avoid touching our face.  


Maintain social distance: Maintaining a distance of at least 3 feet is essential so that even if a person sneezes or coughs in front of you, the droplets coming out of nose or mouth would not reach you. The exponential growth of Coronavirus shows that 1 infected person is likely to affect 2.5 Person and count goes on like that (Global News, 2020).  Hence, to restrict this spread, creating distance among each other is necessary and here lies the importance of social distancing.  


China first started the idea of 'Lockdown' to restrict this spread or outbreak. During this lockdown, all international, national flights, roadways are blocked so that people can not travel from one place to another. After China, ther are other countries, like, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA and India who followed the same to make people understand that Staying Home is the only way out to keep ourselves and our near and dear ones Safe. Political leaders are urging countrymen to follow guidelines and stay home. Other than a lockdown, frequent Tests, proper detection kits and quarantine facility are also required. However, needless to say, that this crisis is going to have a profound impact on human history, and socio-economical state. 



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