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β€œCan Google help me with my algebra homework?” – We'll Tell You Here!


A boy searching Google for help in algebra homework

One common Google search query among all students perusing higher education in foreign universities is, ‘Can Google help me with my algebra homework?’ We, as insiders of Edtech industry focusing on students studying abroad, hear this concern from many students every day.

This is und…

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Is Seeking Assignment Help Online A Sure-Fire Way To Improve GPA? - Know What Experts Have To Tell!

Is Seeking Assignment Help Online A Sure-Fire Way To Improve GPA

Pursuing higher education in an international college or university requires completing tons of assignments and submitting them within the deadline. Managing the immense workload of academics often appears difficult to most students.

What’s more traumatizing to these students is understanding…

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How to Prepare For Spring Semester in 2022 – 3 Tips for Better Grades in Semester 2 Assignments

No Need To Spoil Festive Season Worrying about Semester 2 Assignments

It is always important to begin the New Year with full of aspirations and hope. However, when you are a student, New Year, besides its zesty bits, comes as an indication to focus on your Semester 2 Assignments. It doesn’t matter if it is the first semester of your college life or the final year,…

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How to Deal With Holiday Season Slump and Complete Assignment before Deadline ?

A girl with open notebook and pen in hand with stack of books

Holiday seasons are great for the fun and frolic but there are reasons enough that many students welcome the holiday season with great dread. Rising excitement often get in the way of focused work. If you need to complete assignment within deadline, don’t let your productivity take a nosedive th…

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Importance of Juneteenth in American History- 19th June



“Juneteenth”... Does the word sound like a newly coined term which is used colloquially for fun? Don’t worry, it’s not only you but many who often get confused by the term.

However, you are going to be surprised to know that, “Juneteenth” refers to a remarkable day in the …

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Anti-Child Labour Day -12th Jun 2021


Every year on 12th June, the world celebrates Anti-Child Labour Day focusing on the elimination of child labourer's plight to a global extend. On this World Anti-Child Labour Day, millions of people, government and organisation hold their hands together to help children to get their rights…

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Celebrating Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month - 1st - 30th April 2021

Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

April is celebrated as Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. But why? Let’s have a look at its history. In our lives, we can’t deny the importance of mathematics. Knowingly or unknowingly, mathematics controls our life. Even the computer programmes we are using today are based on mathemati…

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International Day of Happiness

Give a smile and spend your day! Wishing all an international day of happiness!

Spring Equinox 2021

Inspirational Spring is here! Giving birth to new budding hopes!!!

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Why is Halloween Day celebrated on 31st October- Is it just a date?


Hey Guys! The spookiest occasion of the year is around the corner, so are you ready with your Spooky Costumes and candies? Yes, you get it right. Today we will be talking about Halloween Day. Well, it is mostly celebrated in Western countries. However, due to globalization and shared culture, …

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