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For Freelancers:

Royal Research opens up new opportunities for freelancers to express their research, proofreading, writing and editing skills. We are looking for academic freelancers who can provide us with unique and good-quality content because it is a matter of respective students’ educational careers. Usage of any kind of unauthorized tools (such as ChatGPT, or any other Paid or Unpaid AI tools) is highly prohibited. If any freelancer is found to use such tools, then he/she will be banned immediately without any prior intimation.

We are working with 750 + freelancers already who are already verified of having good analytical power, decent command over English and not using any of the above tools.

Outside India:

55% + of our freelancers are from Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, etc because of their good analytical power, good quality of English and low value of resource.

15% + of our freelancers are from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Vietnam

Inside India:

Remaining 30% of our resources are from India out of which:

15% are freelancers

15% floor-based academic writers


We hereby announce that by the end of December 2023, we need more freelancers. Hence, all of you who are interested in doing academic freelancing are requested to Follow this page for the latest updates and contact details form.