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Every year on 21 June 2019, people of Northern Hemisphere welcome the first day of season summer. The Sun positions himself in the northernmost sky. The summer solstice is the significant point of the year as from this turning point, days start being shorter and nights start being longer. Summer Solstice is also known as midsummer. In Northern Hemisphere, people get maximum Sunlight on this day as the Sun sets late. For the knowledge of geography students, the summer solstice is an important topic for your geography assignment. While preparing your geography projects on Summer solstice you need to know that the Sun shines above the Tropic of Cancer directly on Summer Solstice. In Northern Hemisphere, people celebrate this day with diversified activities as per their culture.
1. Ancient World celebration:
People welcome these new Sun rays from the very ancient times. Celebration of the Summer solstice is a time-honored history. Traditionally, on summer solstice people figure which plant to harvest and crop. Even, people prefer this time to be perfect for weddings.
2. Chinese Celebration:
In Late China, Summer Solstice was considered to be a ceremony that celebrates the femininity of earth and ‘yin’ forces. This day was pure for them as they receive the shortest shadow on this particular day
3. Modern Day celebration in Norway and Finland:
Norway, Finland, Denmark and other Northern European countries also celebrate Summer Solstice by dancing around Maypoles. They lit some bonfires and decorate their homes and gardens with flower garlands, branches and greeneries. They spent that night with drinking, dancing and singing.
4. Indian celebration:
Most of the people in India celebrate this day of Summer Solstice by doing yoga. As we all know 21st of June, is International Yoga Day, Indians get together and involve themselves in a few yoga sessions across the entire country. In India people also pray to the Sun for their happiness, forgiveness and love.
5. Russian Celebration:
Before talking about the Russian celebration, you must know the reason for their celebration. Russia receives freakishly cold winter and temperature reach to -70 to -94 Fahrenheit in some parts of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia. In the month of June, when they receive utmost the Sunrays, they pass the days with celebration. Russian celebration is blended with dancing, sports, concerts and picnics. People gather in places and enjoy traditional music like pop ballads. Some metallic twang of national instrument line Khomus is being played by them to cherish summer solstice.
Geography students while preparing their geography assignment on Summer solstice do not go in such depth of research as they only put the general information of this day. However, how the celebration gets changed with cultural differences, students fail to notice that. This affects their final grades. Geography students must include the ways of celebration during the summer solstice in different countries with proper details. In fact, they must incorporate the ancient history of the summer solstice as per the ancient calendar. Some religious facts are there behind summer solstices which can be unfolded by geography students.

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