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With your exams knocking on the door, it's increasingly important for you to take care of your physical health. The amount of food you eat and what you eat can make a difference between passing the exam and a perfect exam. Below you will find five such food items that you must avoid before exams because they can very well affect your physical health. 

  1. Fried Food: Fried foods are scrumptious and easily available but they contain high levels of cholesterol & fats which can block blood from entering the brain thereby reducing its powers. If these compounds keep on building over for a longer period of time, it can lead to Alzheimer. So you must stay away from such foods to keep your brains healthy before exams


  1. Carbohydrates: Eating lots of carbohydrates before exams will do more bad than good because carbs when consumed in large volume, can actually make you feel relaxed and not alert. Moreover, when you only eat carbs you will feel sleepy and you don't want that before exams.


  1. Sugar: To all those who are sweet-tooth there's bad news for them. Sugary food is not something you will want to eat before your exam. Eating too much sugar can make you distracted and not only that a lot of sugar intake can make you crash i.e. it can make you feel tired.


  1. Trans-Fat: Food items that contain a high amount of trans-fat are sandwiches, doughnuts, cakes-cookies, frozen pizza and it's better for you to avoid these too. According to a recent study, it was found that any diet that contains a high amount of trans fat can increase the risk of depression to a good percentage. Moreover, it can lead to shrinkage of the brain too.


  1. Caffeine: Many of you have the habit of consuming lots of caffeine to stay awake before the exams. Consuming caffeine is good but too much of caffeine consumption can do harm to your body. Caffeine creates energy in your body but its long-term effects aren't that great. A high percentage of it can lead to lack of sleep which in turn can cause muscle tremor, anxiety, insomnia & restlessness.

So these are the food items you need to avoid when your finals are close by or even if you are consuming them you need to intake in a smaller amount. They do not do any bad to your physical or mental health and you get a chance of getting through your oncoming exams easily.

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