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5 Interesting Books to Read when the entire world is bored with lockdown?



In these crucial hours, more than a quarter of the global population is homebound to control the exponential growth and flatten the curve of COVID-19 pandemic. Cities are locked down, and streets are empty, social gathering is a crime; it's like all of a sudden, the Almighty or Nature has out a semi-colon in our fast-paced lives. Hence, to break the monotony of binging on Breaking news on COVID-19 and peace your agitated mind, what can be better than reading good books to have perfect escapism from all this chaos?


So, here is a list of 5 beautiful books that one can invest their time and energy on and never regret later.  


  1. Pride and Prejudice

This is an old classic Romantic novel ever produced by Jane Austen starkly pinching the grim reality of our society showing that people believe that Matches are not made in Heaven but made on reputation and fortune counted on a groom and the bride's best potential to be a good wife. This classic remains a favorite among Millennial too because this sick mentally still exists and 21st-century readers lauded Jane's attempt to prove that love is beyond everything worldly through Ms Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy's falling for each other.


  1. To Kill a Mocking Bird

This is another classic novel by Harper Lee that one should go through once in their lives because, in the world, where people have become so selfish and self-centred, this book will teach you some valuable lessons of life. Harper created her character Atticus, perhaps with a mission to put some sense in her readers with a perfect balance of emotions, philosophy, and rational. This book surely will take a particular corner both in the reader's mind and the bookshelf because it will compel you to 'To Think' and 'To Feel'.


  1. The Kite Runner 

I must put a disclaimer in the very onset that this beautiful novel by Khaled Hosseini is potential enough to make its readers roll down some tears and feel a sense of freedom at the very end. The plot started with some tension and continued with a flashback that speaks of parenthood, friendship, jealousy, betrayal and regrets (The Guardian, 2020). What binds the readers to the characters? It is the power of the author's fineness in expressing the emotions, and the conscience of each character. In the end, it satisfies the readers with a sense of hope for a better future, which is relevant to the current scenario.


     4.The Mousehole Cat

This is Children's Book delivered by Antonia Barber, and this is worth mention because both a child and adult can enjoy its illustrations. This could be an inspiring story for us in the sense that in it the author very finely showed how a cat just doing nothing but Purring or singing calmed down a storm and saved its community (Scroll, 2020). Just like the cat, we can also maintain 'Janta curfew', do nothing but Stay home to keep us and others safe.  


     5.Cold Comfort Farm 

This will be an interesting read by Stella Gibbons because just like, us, suddenly the main character Flora Poste was also imposed to stay in a rural farm, an unlikely condition other than her natural shinny life at the city. It speaks of her survival from which we can gain strength to over this hard phase of our lives and hope for a better healthy future. 



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