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6 mistakes students must avoid while doing online research

6 mistakes students must avoid while doing online research

You can learn many new things while doing online research, but finding relevant articles for your research paper can become quite a challenge. Whether you are writing your assignment or a research paper, research is the preliminary step for starting your work. Today the internet is the most widely and easily accessible platform for doing research. The fast-paced technology-driven devices like smartphones even made online research quicker just with a snap of your fingers. So, why still students struggle to find the right research material for writing their assignments? For obvious reasons, you cannot rely on the limited sources present on the internet or your textbooks for writing a good assignment. You need a lot more research materials to write good and relevant content for your assignments. So let us discuss 6 mistakes students must avoid while doing online research

  1. Doing online research blindly – Don’t start your online research blindly. You will only end up investing a lot of time and at times you may even get distracted. First, have a clear idea of what you want to look for and then start searching for the reference materials.
  2. Too much dependence on the internet for online research – There are many more sources of doing your research. Don't be 100% dependent on the internet for your studies.
  3. Forgetting to bookmark the important sites – Many of you refer the online references repeatedly while writing your assignment but forget to bookmark these sites. Searching for the required sites will again kill your valuable time and your patience. Just remember to check your browsing history or apply the shortcut of bookmarking the required sites while doing your online research.
  4. Not using research databases – Google scholar is not the only online database for finding research materials. You can explore more research databases like ProQuest, JSTOR, PubMed while doing your online research.
  5. Citing wrong or broken links as references – One of the common mistakes done by the students while citing the references in their assignment is providing broken links. You must make sure that you copy the entire link of the site you want as a reference to a notepad while doing your online research. This will save time and also have no chance of linking broken or incomplete URLs in your assignment.
  6. Dependence on one search engine like Google – Google is not the only search engine for online research. Use other search engines like yahoo, MSN, infomine for finding more references for writing your assignment.

Avoiding the above 6 mistakes can make your online research a lot easier and time saver. If you have a tight schedule of bundling your studies and the part-time job which leaves no time for doing online research then you can take professional help. You can take help from Assignment Editing Services who are pros in the field of online research and also in writing original academic papers in various subjects. You do not have to worry about authentic referencing, plagiarism or missing deadlines. The experts of Assignment Editing Services will sort everything for you.

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