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7 inclusions you cannot miss after completing your dissertation

7 inclusions you cannot miss after completing your dissertation

You cannot miss the 7 inclusions after completing your dissertation as it holds your maximum number in research papers. Students pursuing their graduation and master’s degree have gone through a feeling that these project works will continue forever. Though, graduation degree does not have any completion date, however, to get there; students need to complete series dissertations.

Dissertation writing, as well as editing, is often the biggest academic challenge that they have experienced in comparison to writing literature reviews, manuscripts, and grant applications. After slogging hours in writing dissertation chapters, do you think you are done with your dissertation? Actually not; a series of required actions contribute to the final editing of the dissertation. After completing the writing, many rectification and filtrations are required to make the dissertation crunch enough.

Title page and table of contents:

A formal title page will make your dissertation formal along with your academic credentials.

Table of contents:

An automated table of contents will help you to redirect to the dissertation chapters with just one click. It is considered to be mandatory as it gives an idea to the reader about the contents in different chapters along with easy navigation.


To provide the professor a brief of your research and to create an interest in the reader's mind a precise abstract is needed.


As research work is a collaborative help of different individuals, an acknowledgement will tent you to acknowledge their help in completing with research work. 

List of tables and list of figures:

As similar dissertation does not bring good scores, the inclusion of lucrative and informative images and tables with numeric figures while dissertation editing is needed. List of table and list of figures help to mention the series of table and figures, you have included in the dissertation.

Reference List

University guidelines must be in accordance for dissertation editing as every university comes up with differencing guidelines. If you think, writing a dissertation chapter hold main scores of your project, then you are off tracked from the research journey. Acknowledgement of research data is shown through a reference that makes your dissertation editing more tactful. Reference list does not end your project as a few more loopholes must be addressed.


Dissertation editing becomes critical when you are summing up all your data as you may forget to add appendices to your project. As many don’t, do you know the actual use of Appendices in your dissertation? It’s mainly validating your research data with graphical representation.

Grabbing your professor’s attention is the necessary action that you keep in mind while dissertation editing. These 7 inclusions in the dissertation are necessary to complete the dissertation editing. However, without knowing what actually you need to include while dissertation editing, can give you stress and result in poor scores. Students dealing with stressful nights for dissertation editing can seek assistance from online dissertation editing services providers in Kolkata. They possess experience, knowledge, and expertise in editing different dissertation. Online dissertation editing service providers can make your dissertation presentable enough and can help to get high grades in your bachelors and masters.

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