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Anti-Child Labour Day -12th Jun 2021


Every year on 12th June, the world celebrates Anti-Child Labour Day focusing on the elimination of child labourer's plight to a global extend. On this World Anti-Child Labour Day, millions of people, government and organisation hold their hands together to help children to get their rights. Child labour is making a child deprived of his or her education and health requirements of their age. International Labour Organisation has launched Anti-Child Labour Day in the year 2002. This Anti-Child Labour Day rectifies the worst form of child labour, which is mentioned in ILO Convention 182. COVID-19 situation has already delayed the progress of child labour elimination. Now on this 12thJune, ILO and UNICEF have broadcasted a global trend and estimation on child labour. In this report, ILO and UNICEF have focussed on how the progress of anti-child labour action is affected by the pandemic of COVID-19 andits economic repercussions.

On this Anti-Child Labour Day, the ILO promotes a "Week of Action" when the global estimate of child labour is launched. Stakeholders and partners are going to get an opportunity to show their ‘2021 Action Pledge’. All the national, international and religious partners will release their pledges and those will be featured on the official website.

This year international community of Anti-Child Labour is standing as mid-stage, as held four years before in Argentina Global Conference on Child Labour. On the other side, four years left for the complete elimination of child labour by the year 2025 as per the SDG target. Hence, in 2021, Anti-Child Labour Day actions will be the milestone to achieve the target. Due to this reason, the international community of Anti-Child Labour has decided the theme of 2021 is to be ‘Act now: end child labour!’  Even, the actions will also determine the Global Conference on Child Labour in 2022 which be held in South Africa. 

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