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Are Indians readily given their freedom of speech after 72 years of independence?

Are Indians readily giventheir freedom of speech after 72 years of independence

The true definition of freedom of speech is probably still unknown to the Indian even after 72 years of their independence. It is probably because the Indians are forced to live in a distorted democracy where the rights of its people are always breached. Indians are bogged down with the two most dominant issues of the third world countries - poverty and corruption. The situation gets aggravated due to the ambitious attempts of the Indian politicians for suppressing the common masses for their own good. This constant oppression of the people at the hands of handful hooligans actually does to allow Indian to exert their freedom of speech.

Indians, especially living in the rural parts of the country, are forced to live a more pathetic life. Freedom of speech is a daydream for them. By taking advantage of their poor financial condition and illiteracy, the creamy layer of the society exploits them, abuses them and even turns them into slave. How can slaves enjoy their freedom of speech? Indians are thus destined to suffer under the tyranny of some people and they have to gradually forget that they even have a right to enjoy – freedom of speech and expression.


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