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Autumn Equinox Embracing the Nature and Festive Spirit

Autumn Equinox Embracing the Nature and Festive Spirit

22nd September is the time to make a shift from summer fall and to welcome Autumn Equinox. This Autumn Equinox occurs the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator. The celestial equator is considered to be the imaginary line that is placed above the Earth’s Equator. This celestial equator is stretched from North to South. This day denotes the fall of Northern hemisphere. On 22nd September, both darkness and light will be equal and after that nights will be longer as we are heading towards winter.

Scientifically, Autumn Equinox is considered to be an astronomical point for earth’s position. While rotating Earth slightly wobbles on its axis. When the Sun crosses equator we can feel the equal duration of day and night. This occurrence is also an interesting study for Geography and astronomy students.

After two days from Autumn Equinox, we experience the full moon. Autumn Equinox is a delightful time to celebrate warmness in temperature as well as the magical sunlight which is slightly indirect and silvery. It is the time for real harvest where you can plant your garden. Small rituals can be done to celebrate Autumn Equinox which includes lighting the candles and burning pines. Even, on this Autumn Equinox, you can express gratitude towards your loved ones by considering this day to be most auspicious. 

Ceremonies and rituals:

Autumn Equinox can be celebrated by decorating altars with flowers and colours. This will be a symbol of the season of late harvest. You can gather bounty and the goddess for its magical creation with light winter blows.

Traditional celebration:

You can arrange family gatherings on this day after decorating home with flowers. You can come up with some kid-appreciated ideas so that they enjoy the fall of summer. You can have some inner harvest to celebrate this day. This inner harvest refers to the experience that has gained in the past season. You can say thanks to them from you have learned or you can show gratitude when you realize their contribution in your life.

Fall Arts

You can make some fall arts for fun to celebrate Autumn Equinox. You can make Acrone peg dolls, fall peg doll fairies and handprint trees. Children will feel the togetherness with all this fall are projects.

Have fall harvest meal

Autumn Equinox can be celebrated with a fall harvest meal which can be Mabon thanksgiving tradition. Some of the fall harvest means are re zucchini, apples, corn pumpkins and squash. You can educate your children with these fall harvest meal at the table about the great of this day.

Arrange a bonfire / Yoga

Autumn Equinox is incomplete without attending a bonfire where you can gather with your loved ones and start singing, dancing, playing beat drums. Meditation or yoga can be performed to have the spiritual essence of Autumn Equinox.

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