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Better Gender Balance, Better World, #BalanceforBetter - International Women's Day 2019

Better Gender Balance, Better World, #BalanceforBetter - International Women's Day 2019

A world with gender balance is a better world; to live, to cherish, and to be successful. In this International Women’s Day do everything that forges a more gender balanced society. Women have come across a long way however, they are more to go. Hence, this International Women’s Day 2019, we will “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”.

Looking back to history, Indian writers were undervalued for patriarchal assumptions that superiority is in the hand of male experience and perceptions. In Roman and Greek culture, ultimate authority was held by the head of the family that has to be male by gender whereas the rest of family members were subordinates. In the field of Literature, men did not consider women as their worthy competition irrespective of their accomplishment and excellence. Even, the major problem was that women in past like Virginia Woolf, George Eliot and Jane Austen just left their records due to suppression. However, the scenario has changed over time with step-by-step initiatives taken by the government, society and especially women herself. This International Women’s Day, get a chance to celebrate women’s success and achievements by breaking norms of gender bias.  

Future of the world is exciting where everyone has a specific role to play. The new world wants to celebrate balance but notices its absence. Balance is not limited in Women, we want gender balance business, a gender balance boardroom, gender balance sports coverage, gender balance media coverage and gender balance employees in this International Women’s day.

Swiss businesses are proceeding with gender equality with every passing year by attributing steady efforts from directors of the companies. Sandoz Switzerland has employed 66% of women where almost 50% are in managerial position. In 2019, International Women’s Day celebration, more than 60 CEOs are going to participate who are supported by almost 15 business networks to show better gender parity.

Swiss companies who have taken an effort to integrate talented women systematically in business case are more profitable, productive and innovative. Gender balance is an equal and better distribution of responsibilities in every sphere of action. EY targets to have 25% of female partners by the end of 2020 by offering more flexible working models. Citi has improved its recruitment transparency to retain their female employees. IKEA has taken initiatives of " return to work" for women after having maternal leave. Not only in the field of business but in literature has the scenario changed diversely. Few years back, when you search for list of great authors, the list continues without a woman writer. However once in a while, one from the lot managed to hold the position the list like Toni Morrison for achieving Nobel Prize which shows a striking imbalance. However, today the list has included the names like Mary Higgins Clark, Patrica Cornwell, and Penny Jordan. 

Make this International Women’s Day be YOUR day and do anything that can make significant difference to every woman everywhere. As the theme requires, focus on innovation to ensure gender balance and women empowerment for balanced world, for better world. The celebration of International Women's Day must reach to every woman who are in literature, legal, financial, corporate as well as household operations. International Women’s Day rejoices the achievement of women who have managed to attain their existence in today’s world by dodging gender bias. This International Women’s Day is dedicated to all those limitless women proved their presence in every course of action and made contribution making a balanced world. #BalanaceforBetter

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