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Celebrating Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month - 1st - 30th April 2021

Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

April is celebrated as Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. But why? Let’s have a look at its history. In our lives, we can’t deny the importance of mathematics. Knowingly or unknowingly, mathematics controls our life. Even the computer programmes we are using today are based on mathematics. Understanding the importance of mathematics in our life, Mathematics Awareness Week started back in 1986. Later in 1999, Mathematics awareness week turned Mathematics Awareness Month. Recently, in 2017, statistics were included to form Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month.

The purpose of celebrating this month is to increase awareness among students and researchers in both fields. It enables them to comprehend the importance of statistics and mathematics in our academic and everyday life.

Activities for mathematics awareness month

Colleges and universities arrange several activities to celebrate this month. Activities include various workshops, exhibitions, festivals, competitions, lectures, debates and many more. Some universities may arrange different activities to encourage women to study mathematics. Some may sponsor an inter-college quiz competition. Thus, various universities and colleges sponsor different programs and add their contribution to make this month stronger.

Apart from the activities, universities and colleges arrange different themes for students in Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. Students have to prepare them and upload them on the website. However, all the activities and themes are arranged to encourage the students to study Mathematics and Statistics. If you are running an educational institution, you can set several activities to encourage students and boost your organisation’s goodwill. You can contact us for unique activity ideas.



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