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Fiction writing is not true. It is mere imagination whereas Nonfiction writing is true or real fact. This is how you can express non-fiction and fiction writing in the simplest way. Non-fiction writing includes real people, real events, real things, and real writing whereas fiction writing involves imaginary events, imaginary people and places. The writer can use his or her creativity and imagination to create the plot and characters. Students sometimes feel confused with the term fiction and non-fiction as they are unable to distinguish these two things. Customised Proofreading Services is here to help you understand the concept of fiction writing and non-fiction writing.

Customised Proofreading Services ensures that students while making an assignment on fiction must have a clear idea of this concept. Customised Proofreading Services suggest that fiction writing is all about made-up stories. No real fact of an idea can be generated from fiction writing. Fiction writing is made for entertainment. On the other hand, non-fiction writing is more about information rather than entertainment. Nonfiction writing includes auto-biography, historic drama, articles, and journals. Fiction writings are fairy tales or any creative stories. Here are a few differences between fiction writing and non-fiction writing listed below:

1. Referencing

As non-fiction writing focuses on real-life characters and real-life events, it requires referencing. References validate the data provided in the writing. Customised Proofreading Services suggests that you can add any quote any dialogue of any popular person, you need to add to reference to that quotation. These references make non-fiction writing more credible. However, fiction writing does not require any references as the information is not credible.

2. Interpretation

Customised Proofreading Services shows that fiction writing can be interpreted by the audience differently. This fiction writing does not have any real conclusion. Hence, it depends on the audience to interpret that writing. As per Customised Proofreading Services, non-fiction writing cannot be interpreted as the stories are real. Everyone knows about the conclusion. Customised Proofreading Services suggest that non-fiction writing is direct and simple with one interpretation.

3. Elaboration

Customised Proofreading Services suggest that fiction writing has a scope of elaboration for entertainment purposes. However, non-fiction writing can be neither elaborated as real stories nor can be manipulated. Writers elaborate on the plot characters as well as stories in fiction writing.

4. Made up Stories

Non-fiction stories are not made up stories as they focus on real events. But in fiction writing imagination characters plays the role and do several imaginative tasks. People can enjoy the stories but cannot rely on them. However, in the case of non-fiction writing, stories people can have information after reading them.

Students can take help from Customised Proofreading Services for their non-fiction and fiction assignment. Writing any piece from imagination or elaborating on a real incident requires creativity in terms of presentation and personification of characters. Many fiction writers have the creative liberty to express their imaginations and observations in their writing. Non-fiction writers, however, have a challenge in presenting the real incident by expressing it in their creative way.  


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