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English, a language of every nation- Celebrating UN English Language Day 2019

English, a language of every nation- Celebrating UN English Language Day 2019

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose any other name would smell as sweet”

                                                                                    -William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”

UN English Language Day is celebrated for the date of birth as well as Death of William Shakespeare on 23 April. UN Language Days promote multilingualism as well as cultural diversity.
Most of the languages have originated from different islands of Western Europe, which gradually spread over areas through different permutation. However, one fine day, with a colonial explosion, these languages spread like wildfire across the globe. This becomes the language of exchanging feelings as well as doing commerce. UN English Language Day celebrates the history, background and the oddities of the English language. 

English Language Day history

English language was originated from Medieval England and the names are collected from Angles, which is later known as Anglia peninsula. English has incorporated tone, words and grammar from different language, which makes English no longer to be a single language but an amalgam of different languages. UN English language day glorifies this strangeness and prospects of English language.

This strangeness of English language has made it Lingua Franca of World, which is now language of trade and communication. English is considered to be the second language in most of the country whereas more than 60 countries mark English to be the official language. UN English Language Day shows the increasing ground of English language with each passing year.

Activities of UN English Language Day, a year back

On 23rd April 2018, UN Department of General Assembly arranged English Language Day programme at Albano Building. A quiz about English Language and a literacy event were conducted for UN staffs. On that specific day, jointly English & Spanish Language Day was celebrated. On that specific programme, the screening of “The Remains of the Day”, an adaptation from a novel of Noble Laureate Kazuo Ishiguro was conducted which promotes English to be a Nobel language.

How you can celebrate English Language day in 2019

With its strange origin, English language also one of the most complicated languages after Japanese as it contains words like there, their, they are with the same sounding. You can learn more about the history of English language and its use while speaking, to celebrate English Language Day. You might help others to learn English better as there is a lot of variation in English language with American English, Scottish English and Canadian English. Wouldn't it be much exciting to know about a language range of variations however still considered to be a single and specific language? UN English Language Day provides you a chance to just do that!

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