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Factors that make up for a good hypothesis in a dissertation


Factors that make up for a good hypothesis in a dissertation

What is a hypothesis in a dissertation or thesis? This blog tries to look into the factors that make up for a good hypothesis in a dissertation. Given below are the tips that should be used while writing a hypothesis.

Hypothesis of a dissertation or thesis is actually the prediction statement which is entirely based on the theory someone is researching. Research fellows test their hypothesis they use in their dissertations or original research projects they are writing and defending for their fellowship and degree. But, the million dollar question is- how to set up a hypothesis for a dissertation?

The following things need to be taken into consideration while making the hypothesis of a dissertation:

Hypothesis statements should be simple

While you prepare to write your hypothesis statements that you propose in your dissertation, it should be simple. Simple is good in a hypothesis as it helps the reader identify the subject easily. This means the hypothesis should be really brief and still maintain its power. They should be able to distill and synthesize the major factors. It should also be presented in an authoritative manner. As a dissertation writer, you have to take a stand for your paper and be able to maintain that stand throughout.

Hypothesis statements need to be clear

While writing your hypothesis, you should make it short, easy to read as well as understandable. It is always suggested to write in simple English language, or, if you are using some other language of communication, write in a language that even a layman can read it and understand. Hypothesis is definitely not the place where you use technical jargons and analysis of high level.

Hypothesis statements have to be direct

You must have the ability to portray your stance clearly and convey it as powerfully as possible by you. Do not make one long statement by mixing many hypotheses into one single statement. Always try and maintain your hypothesis within 10 words. More your hypothesis addresses an issue directly, easier it would be for your readers to understand the argument you are placing forward.

Your research should be able to measure your hypothesis

What researchers often miss out is the hypothesis being able to substantiate the research. You need to ask yourself, “How could I prove this point through the curriculum of my research design?” “Have I collected all the necessary data for this hypothesis?” If you have a fair amount of certainty in your answer, you should go ahead with setting up the hypothesis. If not, then you would require going through your methodology once again to make sure you have made necessary plans for collecting the data you need.

In order to make a successful dissertation, you need proper hypothesis and to set up a good and workable hypothesis, you have to check twice or thrice your available instruments for data collection for a totally integrated result. Your data collecting instruments and research design should allow you in the collection of data, which is needed in order to prove the hypothesis.

Using the above mentioned guidelines, you could refine or generate your hypothesis and make them compelling as well as worthy of the dissertation. A good hypothesis is like a good formula to execute the whole research work in your dissertation.

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