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Ominous Ides of March will always live infamy beyond the assassination of Julius Caesar. However, the prevalence of Ides of March in History also has relevance in present. In 1889, on Ides of March, six warships were wrecked by a cyclone. These warships were from U.S and German. More than 200 Sailors died at the harbor of Apia and Samoa due to this cyclone. In 1917, Russia’s Czar Nicholas II signed his abdication paper and put end to 304 year Bolshevik Rule of the royal dynasty. Later, he and his family were executed in front of the firing squad. Ides of March in literature as well as in reality is ominous as in 1939 Germany occupied Czechoslovakia by Nazi troops and wiped off Czechoslovakia from the map.

On 1941, a Deadly Saturday night Blizzard took the lives of 60 people at Northern Great Plains. Even, in 1952, the Indian Ocean faced the world’s most voluminous 2 hours rainfall with 73.62 inches. Proofreading Experts show that in Ides of March NASA provided their report on depletion of the ozone layer over the northern hemisphere in 1988. In 2003, WHO declared global health alert for mysterious respiratory disease among the people of Hong Kong, China and Singapore which is soon known as SARS.

Proofreading Experts are researching the evil events on that day. This date is not only about historic event but in present days it has a negative prevalence, according to Proofreading Experts. Proofreading Experts also determined that people need to beware of ides of March on the present day as well.

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