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International Day of Happiness 2019

International Day of Happiness 2019

March 20, we celebrate International Day of Happiness, focusing on humanity and togetherness. This year do promote Happier Together and leave behind everything that can divide us. All of us want to be happy in our life, however, in solitude, it is not possible. Hence, come join hands on this International Day of Happiness to celebrate common humanity to be happier together.

Take a deep breath and think about the person or activity that makes you smile and help to be the happiest. Perhaps you like dancing on your favorite music when nobody is watching you.Or maybe you want to sail on board a ship with your friends that make your heart sing. 

This International Day of Happiness, do not leave any stone unturned that makes you happy as well as makes others smile. Since 2013,the UN has taken the initiative to celebrate International Day of Happiness to restore the importance and need of happiness in people’s lives across the globe.

Over millions of people go through challenging circumstances in their lives every day and hence, they do not get a scope to smile. To bring a significant change in their lives, the UN has launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals which aim at “end poverty, reduce inequality and protect our planet”.

Thus,in this International Day of Happiness, get time to wish others a happy day and spread love and joy by promoting togetherness forever. ‘Happier Together’

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