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International Women's Day 2020 | Let’s be #EachforEqual

International Women's Day

An equal world is considered to be an enabled world. Every day and all day, we all are responsible for their own decisions, actions and thoughts. This International Women’s Day, we can actively participate to fight against the women stereotypes to improve the situation and broaden perception. We should all come together to celebrate women’s achievements. We all can contribute to the creation of a gender equal world. We need to understand that quality is not a women issue but a business issue that affects the world’s economy as well as the community. A gender equal world is wealthier, healthier and more harmonious. Is not it fun to live in such a country? The race is continuing for gender equal boardroom, gender equal workplace, gender equal education, gender equal media coverage, gender equal sports, and gender equal government and so on. On this International Women’s Day 2020, let’s make this dream true. Let’s be #EachforEqual.

This EachforEqual is an effort of collective individualism. As we all are part of a whole, our mindset, behavior and conversation can impact on the larger society. If we perform collectively then we actually can bring change in gender inequality. On this international women’s day 2020 do whatever can bring a positive change to women’s situation. International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the economic, cultural and social achievements of women. Don’t restrict yourself with the celebration but to some action to accelerate gender equality. International day was first celebrated in the year of 1911 which was supported by millions of people as Women’s Day is not a celebration for a specific group or organisation. It is about the entire community or the world. Women’s struggle for gender equality does not belong to the feminists but to all the people who have taken human rights seriously.

 We should call to action to make a positive difference to women’s life for the betterment of future baby girls who will live in a gender equal world. Women can dream about their life in every sector with their capability. The government also has come forward to ensure the legal right of women. However, this international women’s government is also coming forward to educate girls and women about their human rights and equality rights. The theme of international women’s day 2020 is to encourage the equal collaboration of every person in creating this world. Now it is your responsibility, to bring the change by fighting back to the societal obstacles. Bringing change is a consuming task but it will bring a slow and steady change. The vision should broader that gradually you will create gender equal world. All you need to focus on #EachforEqual.

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