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The following elements should be there in a proposal:

  • Executive Summary– This would help the decision maker to quickly understand the gist of what your proposal is trying to place forward.
  • Statement of Need– Describe in clear words and in details why the project or plan the proposal places forward is needed.
  • Project Description– Describe how you would work with the specifics of the project. Clearly state how it will produce an effect and to whom. Mention how you are going to evaluate the project.
  • Budget Analysis– Describe the expenses that would be required in executing the project and explain how the project would be financed.
  • Organization Details– If you are submitting the proposal to an outside party, suffice all information about the organization, describing its mission, who all this organization serves and its stakeholders. If possible describe in brief about the scope of its programs and services.
  • Conclusion– Using the main points of the proposal creates a summary which well concludes your project.

Writing a proposal can be both laborious and interesting. A well written proposal is a dissertation or thesis half done. If you have succeeded in making a good proposal, you will make it not only easy for the decision maker to consider your project; you would have minimized half of your actual work by doing a good background study.

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