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Royal Utsav 2019 - An immemorial event ever

Royal Utsav 2019 - An immemorial event ever

An immemorial cultural event laid its stress on creativity, commitment, and an eye to achieving every detail. Being exceptionally busy half of the year, Royal Content Research Services allowed showcasing the talents of the employees through Royal Utsav 2019. This cultural event may not have been possible without the immense support and cooperation from our partners Royal Research, Everblink Healthcare Pvt. Ltd and Whiteswan Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

We gleefully catered various cultural events like recitation, dancing, singing after the inauguration of the programme by ‘lighting lamps’. All the employees of Royal Content Research Services experienced a traditional folk evening on 7th September 2019 that is close to their heart and culture. All the employees from various levels to managerial position took a festival spirit to host as well as organize this Utsav without a wrinkle in their mind. Huge applause goes to the participants who have rehearsed their performance within such short notice and presented a beautiful show. Royal Utsav brought into limelight the employees forte of talents. A salute to the volunteers; for showing great teamwork despite being from different departments.

Royal Content Research Services also used Royal Ustav as a platform to reward the employees for their outstanding performance and hardwork throughout the year. By announcing best academic writers, team leaders from Royal Content Research Services, the best performer from Everblink Healthcare and Whiteswan Consultancy, we tried to acknowledge the triumphs of the employees.

The center of attraction of this Royal Utsav was the celebrity performance of Durnibar Saha and his band who gave the audience some light-hearted fun and relaxation through his band's entertaining and soothing musical performance. Lastly, we thanked all the audience for their support and love with some refreshments. But the promise to come back with more versatile and skillful performances from the employees next year made this Royal Utsav 2019 ‘Immemorial’.

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