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This event of Easter Monday, which surprisingly demonstrates the spirits of Christians, takes place in the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem. You are going to be surprised to know about the miraculous Holy Fire which lightens on Greater Saturday, then giving pathway to Easter Sunday and eventually Easter Monday. It is with this spirit of holy fire going on that, the Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and Easter Monday. The date for Pascha is celebrated every year. It must be a first Sunday after the Jewish Passover and spring equinox. In this way, more often it varies from the Protestant Easter and date of Catholic.

The Holy Fire is the most eminent wonder in the realm of Christian Orthodoxy. It has occurred simultaneously, in a similar way, in a similar spot each and every year for quite a long time. No other supernatural occurrence is known to happen so evidently. It occurs in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the holiest spot on earth, where Christ has been executed, buried, and where He at long last became alive once again.

The supernatural occurrence isn't kept to what really occurs inside the little tomb, where the Patriarch does prayer. What might be considerably significant is that the blue light is seen to show up and be dynamic outside the tomb. This historic church comprises six ancient yet different sects, namely Franciscan, Greek, Coptic, Ethiopian, Syriac and Armenian which are more or less into co-operation with the administration of the affairs. It is by the tradition that, the bishops from Armenia and Greece enter the tomb all alone and you are going to be surprised to know that, they come out with a divinely lit flame. It is then that, the magical fire is being shared from candle to candle among the expectant crowd present there. All in the congregation hold up with candles with the expectation that they may light their candle with the divine flame. In fact, the local Christians in Jerusalem are found to chant in Arabic “We are the Christians, we have been Christians for centuries, and we shall be forever and ever. Amen!”

In consequent to this event, the magical Holy Fire is transported to the soil of Greece and then eventually on to Russia, Serbia and to those specific nations which are under Christian Orthodoxy. However, this year, with the spread of pandemic COVID-19, the nations have shown great sense of responsibility by deciding that, the foreign dignatories are going to be handed over with the flame once their airplane lands itself and they can immediately return home thereby maintaining social distancing.

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