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World Day Against Child Labor 2019

World Day Against Child Labor 2019

Each year June 12th is organized as World Day against Child Labor, it is observed for raising the awareness of the child plight of labors around the globe. Millions of children around the world are a victim of it.
Child Labor can be referred to the work as:
The work which is physically, morally or socially dangerous and harmful to children
Deprives the opportunity of Schooling
Obligate the children to leave the school at premature age
Each year there are numerous events organized on June 12 in order to mark the World Day against Child Labor and attention is needed in order to solve the problem. Around 152 million children round the globe are involved in Child Labor. On this particular day, the ILO supports in tackling Child labor. The UN sustainable and development Goal Target has set to 8.7, through this the community has been calling an end to child labor by all it forms by 2025. Labor studies have indicated that globally, there are 152 million children and 73 million are engaged in hazardous work that directly harms the health, safety or moral development.
This year the selected theme for Child labor is “Children Should not Work in fields, But on Dreams”. Many NGOs across the globe work and organizes awareness programmes to fight against child labor to provide a better life and education to support the children who are victims of child labor.

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