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World Ocean Day – 8 June 2019

World Ocean Day %u2013 8 June 2019

Celebrating the World Ocean’s day is for reminding everyone about the major roles oceans are playing each day in our daily life. Oceans are considered as the lungs of our planet, it provides the most oxygen we use for breathing. The main purpose is to create awareness among the worldwide citizen along with mobilizing the world's population for sustainable project management of the oceans around the world. The oceans play a pivotal role in managing the major source of food and medicine as a part of the biosphere. Ocean day is a day to celebrate the promise, wealth and the beauty of nature. Each year Ocean day comes up with a new theme, this year the theme is “Gender and Ocean”. The concept of World Ocean day was proposed by the Canadian Government in 1992 and from then June 8 has been observed as World Ocean's Day.

If you are studying with Geography it can be a great option for you to choose a topic for your upcoming assignments. You can easily do best with your Geography assignment by focusing on the details on this year’s theme thereby using the information related to Ocean’s day observation. You pay heed to the subject and choose your topic wisely for your geography assignments and can score good marks.

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