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WORLD OZONE DAY 2019 ~ "Ozone: Nature's Sunscreen"


16th September is considered to be World Ozone Day or the day to preserve ozone layer from depletion. On this particular day, we experience the substances of Montreal Protocols signing. Every year, the United Nation takes initiative to aware people about ozone depletion with an innovative theme. 2019 is approaching the theme of ’32 Years and Healing’. The idea behind this theme is about the remarkable international support and cooperation towards the protection of ozone layer and the climatic changes under the Montreal protocol. This highlights the concept of a healthy planet that leads to healthy people. As per the Montreal Protocol, 99 % of ozone depletion is caused by the chemicals used in air-conditioners and refrigerators.

According to the recent records given by Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion 2018, the depletion in ozone layer has recovered 1 to 3% from the year of 1999. As per the given results, mid-latitude and Northern Hemisphere Ozone layer will be recovered at the end of 2030 and Southern Hemisphere will take time till 2050. Polar region Ozone depletion will be recovered by the end of 2060. These efforts of ozone layer protection have not only affected the depletion but also the issue of climate change by averting almost 135b tones CO2 Emission till 2010.

Before celebrating this day, we must know the reason behind these phenomena. In stratosphere, ozone layer depletion is caused by few chemicals which contain bromine and chlorine atoms with chemical stability (inherent). These chemicals are present in the atmosphere for almost 40-150 years. These chemicals and gasses blow upward and chlorine involves in a chemical reaction with Ozone molecules in the presence of sunlight. It destroys ozone molecules. The situation is such tragic that 1 molecule of chlorofluorocarbon is capable of destroying thousands of Ozone molecules. Here is a list of chemical that depletes Ozone:

  1. CFC
  2. Hydrobromofluorocarbons
  3. Hydrochlorofluorocarbons
  4. Methyl Bromide
  5. Carbon Tetrachloride
  6. Halons

With the considerable progress in research on non-ozone depleting substance, it has found that refrigeration and air conditioning substitutes are available. HFC-410A replaces HSFC-22 and HFC-134a replaces CFC-12. Some alternative insulating substances are being used in market. Plastic film wrap and hydrocarbon blown polystyrene food containers also have come up with their alternatives like plastic film bubble wrap. For cleaning purposes, petroleum solvents can be used instead of 1, 1, 1- Trichloroethane or CFC.

In India, the Government of Narendra Modi launches the innovative idea of green plan for mitigating the adverse impact of Ozone layer depletion. Government of India laid their concern on the research and development team regarding the urgent requirement of new technologies. Technologies that are cost-effective, efficient, safe and eco-friendly. They are looking for alternative refrigerator gases that can replace CFC. The Indian Government is committed to phase down HFCs which is a potential global warming chemical.

After knowing the importance of ozone layer and risk of depletion, you must want to know your contribution towards this green initiative. Right?? You can do several things to contribute to this program. While buying refrigerators, you can look for product that does not use HCFCs or while buying aerosol, make sure that does not have CFCs or HCFCs. Regular inspection of air-conditioning and refrigerator is required to prevent leakage of CFC. When you are having air conditioning servicing, the refrigerant should be recycled or recovered instead of releasing in the atmosphere.

If you promise to do all these, we truly can celebrate our success on this World Ozone Day. But to hold these achievements, we must push ourselves to handle all the illegal sources of ozone depletion. Your wholehearted support can provide us bigger achievement like a climatic benefit on this World Ozone Day. 

“Let’s keep healing earth by applying Nature’s Sunscreen: Ozone”

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