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Why is Halloween Day celebrated on 31st October- Is it just a date?


Hey Guys! The spookiest occasion of the year is around the corner, so are you ready with your Spooky Costumes and candies? Yes, you get it right. Today we will be talking about Halloween Day. Well, it is mostly celebrated in Western countries. However, due to globalization and shared culture, …

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World Day against Child Labour: Let them play!


Studying law is not an easy task because students need to be attentive, critical while solving piles of legal case studies and assignments. Students need to memorise each legal code, and system of a certain country. However, today’s topic is of taking a step ahead of child labour. So let u…

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SARS, MERS and COVID-19: Are they similar?



According to WHO and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the term 'coronavirus' is actually an umbrella term one can say so. There are different types of coronavirus, and to be specific, it is seven in number currently, potential to infect human beings. Among these seven, thr…

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5 Interesting Books to Read when the entire world is bored with lockdown?



In these crucial hours, more than a quarter of the global population is homebound to control the exponential growth and flatten the curve of COVID-19 pandemic. Cities are locked down, and streets are empty, social gathering is a crime; it's like all of a sudden, the Almighty or Natur…

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COVID-19: Outbreak, Epidemic or Pandemic?


According to WHO, an outbreak of a disease refers to a sudden occurrence of a disease in an excessive amount than it was expected as standard. An epidemic of a disease refers to a widespread of an infection within a community within a certain amount of time. A pandemic of disease, on the o…

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COVID-19: The Recent Terror


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), newly infectious disease has taken a toll over humanity and left the world stand still. According to the World Helath Organization (WHO), this Coronavirus spreads through droplets (discharge from nose and saliva) of an infected person when they commonly coug…

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This event of Easter Monday, which surprisingly demonstrates the spirits of Christians, takes place in the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem. You are going to be surprised to know about the miraculous Holy Fire which lightens on Greater Saturday, then giving pathway to Easter Sunday and ev…

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On Good Friday, Jesus Christ was executed and surrendered his life. This penance and his exercises are recalled on Good Friday. It is an official occasion in numerous regions of the world. Consistently numerous conventions are followed while watching this day. Christians do fasting, imploring an…

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Ominous Ides of March will always live infamy beyond the assassination of Julius Caesar. However, the prevalence of Ides of March in History also has relevance in present. In 1889, on Ides of March, six warships were wrecked by a cyclone. These warships were from U.S and German. More than 200 Sa…

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International Women's Day 2020 | Let’s be #EachforEqual

International Women's Day

An equal world is considered to be an enabled world. Every day and all day, we all are responsible for their own decisions, actions and thoughts. This International Women’s Day, we can actively participate to fight against the women stereotypes to improve the situation and broaden perception. We…

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