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Royal Research has come up with a new feature for the customers to improvise the two-end communication between the organisation and them. Maximum customers are requested to post the jobs via the portal. By 1st week of December 2023, we will be providing Customer Form Link via our official “.org” mail IDs. You can post jobs from there rather than sending mail to any of our executives.

After 08.11.2023 midnight, the organisation has slashed down the rates of jobs to 0.50 INR per word except for IT, or any type of software jobs like SPSS, R, etc or database jobs like MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB etc. Hence all customers are requested not to give more than 0.50 INR per word to any of the executives for non-IT jobs.

Any customer who posts jobs via Portal Link from January 2024 onwards, organisation will try to reduce the rate to another 0.10 INR per word. We, as an organisation has the motive to do mass-production of jobs with the help of freelancers and floor-based writers, whereby keeping a 10%-15% profit.

In the last couple of months, we have received multiple number of complaints from our clients, thereby expressing their dissatisfaction while working with us. To sum up:

  1. Most of the times, the Executives do not receive the phone calls due to which customers are unable to plan the jobs or receive the end product on time, although the organisation completes the jobs much earlier
  2. Some Executives have given false information to you like false bank details, jobs not doable, or whether any rework is doable or not
  3. When Executives quit org suddenly, customers face huge difficulties with the previous jobs
  4. Wrong detailing for TDS and GST criteria, amounts and payable banks.

In case of any payable TDS and GST: for few periods, at times organisation may ask the customers to pay the relevant TDS and GST in the name of our organisation or in the name of our sister organisation. However, in such cases, the customers will be receiving mails from the official mail IDs like “.org” mails. Any mail that customers receive from other mails is not authentic.

Keeping in mind, all the troubles that customers have faced and the miscommunication that have risen between both sides, the organisation attempts to resolve all the above issues. Hence, the organisation is requesting the customers to post the jobs via link. Additionally, organisation is dividing the Quality Control Team into two parts, of out of which one is operating from Gurgaon and other from Kolkata.

From January 2024, customers will be entertained 24x7x365 only via our portal which will appear by the 1st week of December 2023. No email contacts will be entertained afterward.

We hope to help and provide improvised services to you in future!